Duration: 10. March, 2021 - 10. March, 2021 |Categories: Event Country, Featured Events, Featured Workshops, Virtual, Workshops

On March 10, 2021 the IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department in collaboration with CARTAC and the UNDP hosted a virtual roundtable on Green Budgeting Practices on March 10, 2021.  

The objective of the roundtable was to identify existing “green budgeting” practices across the various stages of budget cycle with an impact on actual decision-making processes and environmental outcomes. The agenda facilitated discussions on the challenges in the implementation of green budgeting practices and in the design of a well-sequenced green budgeting reform strategy. Finally, discussions explored how participating countries, IMF and UNDP can collaboratively work to enhance efforts towards green budgeting reforms.

Below are the presentations that were shared:

IMF -- Some Elements of Green Budgeting

UNDP -- Climate Change Mainstreaming in Planning and Budgeting 

Grenada -- Green Budgeting: Grenada’s Transformational Strategy to build  Resilience and Sustainability 

Antigua and Barbuda -- Green Budgeting

Turks and Caicos -- Green Budgeting Practices: Challenges and Opportunties in the Caribbean

Fiji -- An Overview of Fiji's Experience with Green Budgeting